“experts within the Local Courts of the UAE, dedicated professionals and have kept us well informed through this difficult time in our lives”.

Administering an estate after a death is an arduous and time consuming task to be carried out at a difficult time. We provide a sensitive, personal, high quality and efficient service rooted in extensive experience in this area.

Our probate solicitors and executives help you deal with the administration of estates following the death of a family member or friend within the UAE. You may be a personal representative or a beneficiary.

The expertise within our Probate Dubai team allows them to deal with the most complex of estates and legal issues. We have particular expertise in cross-border estates, issues of foreign succession and domicile issues, as well as business property and heritage issues.

Probate in Dubai The long experience of our Probate Dubai team also allows us to deal sympathetically and efficiently with probate where there are complexities. We appreciate that clients instruct us at a difficult time in their lives and we understand the importance of giving clear, timely, practical advice.

We are to help you through the maze that is probate. Because every family is different we don’t’ do ‘probate packages’. Instead we tailor what we do to meet your requirements.

We aim to give probate dubai clients the comfort of first class and completely reputable representation.