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The Private Client Department provides a skilled and efficient service, providing expertise in all areas of Will preparation, estate administration, guardianship Court orders and Documents and Powers of Attorney.

It is really important that your will in dubai is up to date and protects your family and assets in the most appropriate way.

The complexities surrounding estates and probate can leave your loved ones with a lot to deal with at an already difficult time, so a well drawn up will is the best way to make sure you look after your family after you’ve gone.

Our specialist solicitors will guide you through the complexities of making the right will for your family’s circumstances within the UAE whether it is through the local Courts or the DIFC Courts. The preparation of your will also provides an opportunity to review your financial affairs and the guardianship of your children.

By making proper provision for your family, you can ensure that your loved ones will be secure and taken care of – whatever happens. Our team of expert lawyers will guide you through all of the issues involved.

We know how complex, confusing and emotional the issues involved can be. We will work hard to understand what is important to you and your family, and help you make the right decisions – devising the most appropriate strategy to suit your needs.