How our divorce advice can help

If you are going through a divorce in dubai or relationship breakdown, you need the best Divorce Assistance Dubai for family law advice available. We can help you decide what is right – personally, legally and financially – for you and your family. We have an unrivalled reputation not only for providing professional and proactive service, but also for obtaining outstanding results for our clients

Family law involves critical judgement about your future, your children, your finances and your business. Advice on divorce also involves highly technical law, often across different areas of expertise, jurisdictions or international boundaries, so you will need clear guidance.

We are one of a handful of firms nationally with the strength and depth to handle every type of case from the straightforward divorce to the most complex breakdowns involving disputes where children and high value matrimonial assets involving international issues.

We are one of the few law firms that have the strength in depth to handle every type of case from the most straightforward divorce to distressing situations involving children or complex financial affairs.

Because most couples want to avoid going to court, we offer mediation. If court is unavoidable, we have the strength and depth to handle even the largest scale, most complex litigation.

We assist with both UAE divorces in any Court in The UAE at any stage and we also assist with UK divorces from the UAE.

We care about our clients and will give you clear, practical guidance throughout the whole process.

Our family lawyers have a national reputation for excellence in family law. We have experts in UAE Shari’a law and UK law. We have in house counsel and advocates dedicated to providing you with the best results at the Courts.