Commercial Litigation

Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates retains attorneys and consultants experienced commercial litigation lawyers Dubai in local and international banking and finance laws, regulations and customs. They have engaged in numerous complex and legal matters international financing transactions and they have a reservoir of knowledge to complete even the most complicated transactions for corporate borrowers, commercial litigation lawyers Dubai and investment banks, funds, financial institutions and governments.

In addition commercial litigation lawyers Dubai lbrahim Al  Banna Advocates also provides an integrated IP service to clients and the firms’ practice includes a highly qualified team of attorneys, legal consultants and patent agents specialized in the registration, filing, renewal and protection of ideas, concepts, business operation plans and information, know-how, product or service information and advertising, trademarks and patents, commercial agencies, franchise, trade names and copyrights.

Also, lbrahim Banna Advocates has extensive experience in commercial litigation lawyers Dubai IP disputes including but not limited to infringements of copy rights and patents, trade mark violations, unauthorized use of trade mark  and all IP theft cases.

lbrahim Banna Advocates has extensive experience in the maritime and shipping field. We retain relevant experts and a number of highly qualified lawyers in this field rendering a full legal service in relation to the sale & purchase of vessels and craft, shipbuilding contracts, incorporation of shipping companies, vessel and craft registration, restructuring, financing for the shipping and offshore industries, contracts for rendering services to the ship, chartering, operation, concluding all contracts in respect of insurance (P&I, H&M, FD&D), Class and Flag Administration.

In addition we have extensive maritime litigation experience to cover disputes and claims related to mergers, acquisitions, bond issues and IPOs, recovery of defaulting loans, environmental claims, cargo claims, commercial matters, ship arrest, collision and shipwreck accidents, crewmembers, diversion, stowaways and refugees, life salvage, pollution risks, general average, legal claims lodged by state authorities, Charterer’s liabilities, salvage, deviation, freight, demurrage. GHS deals with Institutions and authorities working and related to the maritime and shipping field including state and governmental departments, flag administration, Insurance companies (P&I – H&M Clubs and FD&D), International organizations related to crewing, class and surveying.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Dubai Our focus is on assisting our clients to guard against and manage risks, and to assist them in resolving disputes.